Results Physiotherapy

Results Physiotherapy is an Outpatient Physical Therapy Company that is changing the delivery , positioning and expectations of physical therapy for both the general public and the medical community. Results only utilizes licensed physical therapists and every patient is seen by the same therapist at each and every visit. The clinical staff at Results commit to mandatory education programs that ensure that there is a consistent, reproducible experience for each and every patient. These education programs deliver the latest in evidence-based medicine and research. Results is developing the profile and skills within its staff to operate as a primary care musculoskeletal specialist for the general public-in the same way the profession operates in many other countries. Results measures it’s outcomes against an independent, risk-adjusted patient registry, that quantifies the opportunities of its services for physicians, payers and medical groups. Results wants to change the way physical therapy is viewed by the public through the delivery of a unique product.

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