Fancy Sprinkles

Fancy Sprinkles is a DTC and B2B eCommerce business disrupting the edible arts industry with its products, tools, and content for makers, bakers, edible artists, trendspotters, and entertainers alike. Founded in 2016 by Lisa Stelly Osbourne (Lisa Stelly), Fancy Sprinkles produces luxury confectionery and edible enhancements blended from rare, artisan sprinkles, powders, and melts in custom colors and flavors, delivering an unmatched gourmet aesthetic for every occasion one can celebrate. Products include custom-blended sprinkles, candy melts, sugar shapes, custom molds and tools, edible glitter, sprinkle stickers, and the company’s signature Crunchy Jimmies®, a vibrant and nostalgic powdered sugar-based sprinkle. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company employs a highly diversified team, with a growing number of remote teams and talented individuals across the US.

This investment is outside of Sterling’s fund business and is not deemed a client for regulatory purposes; as a result, it is not included in Sterling’s reported assets under management.
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